Eight Minneapolis City Council Members Support HIRE Minnesota’s Racial Equity Platform for New Vikings Stadium

This week, a majority of Minneapolis City Council members endorsed a Vikings stadium plan, which paves the way for the legislature to pass a bill to reuse the Metrodome site for a new stadium.

HIRE Minnesota members do not all agree on whether a new publicly funded stadium should be built. But we are united in our conviction that all large-scale development, particularly development which receives public investment, must advance racial equity. Therefore, HIRE Minnesota has been working to ensure that if a new Vikings stadium is built, advancing racial equity in employment must be a central part of the deal.

Weeks ago, we asked Mayor R.T. Rybak and the city council to commit to that vision. In response, eight city council members signed a letter supporting HIRE’s platform and calling for:

  • 30 percent of the permanent jobs for communities with the highest employment disparities,
  • increased hiring goals for people of color on the stadium construction, and
  • a long-term, sustainable funding stream for job training and placement programs

These eight signers represent a majority of the Minneapolis city council – and more council members than support the stadium itself!  HIRE will continue to work with this group and others to ensure that equity remains a focus in any stadium deal.

Thanks, council members, for supporting equity!