Important Update on Stadium Equity Plan!

Today we achieved a major victory in our battle for employment equity on the new stadium in Minneapolis. While debating the Vikings Stadium, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed a motion, directing staff to create a Stadium Equity Plan for the city of Minneapolis. With this, the City is making a commitment to fully engage the work of ensuring people of color have access to these jobs. A special thank you to Council Members Elizabeth Glidden and John Quincy for their leadership in putting together this directive.

This victory is a significant step in achieving our goal of having employment equity integrated into development work in our city. Council Member Hodges took the opportunity to thank the advocates who worked so hard to move the City Council. She was talking about the important role that HIRE played, as many of you contributed to this cause by writing letters, making phone calls or meeting with City Council members.

Today’s accomplishment will lead to more work over the coming months and years to ensure the results we need. But that work would have been a lot harder, and maybe not even possible, without today’s action from the City Council.