Stadium Authority Commits to Hiring Goals

Last Friday the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, the governing body for the new Vikings Stadium, announced that it will follow state guidelines by committing to the hire 32 percent people of color and 6 percent women for the stadium’s construction.

32 percent is a big number. But we know Minnesota can meet it. According to the Office of the State Demographer, Minnesota’s construction workforce is already comprised of 32 percent people of color. Now we just need to get the jobs.

What would it mean for 32 percent of the stadium jobs to reach people of color? It would mean people of color would work over one million hours on this project. It would mean an estimated $20 million in wages would reach households of color. Perhaps most importantly, it would send a strong statement that public agencies can and should meet Minnesota’s new state hiring goals.

With your help, HIRE Minnesota will ensure that people of color get their fair share of the stadium jobs. We’ll be there every step of the way, making sure the MSFA and the contractors are doing everything they can to meet these goals, and provide information to the community.

Can you help? Tell us you’re interested and we’ll contact you throughout stadium construction to let you know how you can help secure well paying construction jobs for people of color. Together, we can end employment disparities in Minnesota.