Aug. 29, 2013

MSFA Aug 9On Friday, August 23, HIRE Minnesota and dozens of its community partners attended a public meeting held by the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA). We urged the MSFA to make immediate significant funding for the recruitment and training of people of color to work on the new Vikings Stadium.

For nearly a year, the MSFA has been promising that they will do what it takes to reach its hiring goal of 32 percent and to create a lasting legacy of programs and inclusion for people of color. They have also promised funding and resources to community based organizations to recruit and train people of color. Unfortunately, there has been little follow through on those promises.

Eight community members testified about MSFA’s history of broken promises and the need for an immediate investment. With construction slated to begin later this fall, people of color need the opportunity to gain the skills to work on this project right now. The window of opportunity will close and close fast if the MSFA does not act today.

To begin to right the wrong of years of disinvestment and broken promises in communities of color, agencies like the MSFA have to own up to their responsibilities and their words. HIRE Minnesota will continue to hold them accountable until they follow through and make the needed investment in people of color.

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