Oct. 10, 2013

In an unprecedented act, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) agreed to contract with an Employment Assistance Firm (EAF) comprised of many diverse groups representing people of color in the Twin Cities region. Working together the EAF partners will handle the key functions of identifying qualified workers, providing training and placement and offering quality assurance to ensure the project employs a highly-skilled diverse workforce.

This is a big deal! A really big deal. On other major development in our region communities were either excluded altogether or were brought in only when agencies and contractors discovered there was a problem. With the stadium development, communities of color are at the table at the beginning and have received financial commitments from both the MSFA and the contractor.

In recognizing communities of color as assets in meeting hiring goals and reducing racial disparities in employment, this agreement sets a precedent for how workforce development should happen on all major projects.

The EAF is made up of 18 organizations that came together back in April. This coalition stuck together over the last few months and kept fighting until we got the needed investment for our communities. HIRE Minnesota is proud to have helped bring this group together and we are very excited to continue this powerful relationship.