Apr. 11, 2014

Vikings stadium construction is under way!

As many of you know, the construction of the new football stadium began in December. With better weather, things are really picking up steam and there are more and more people working on the site.

After spending almost two years ensuring that systems are in place for the project to meet its hiring goals, we are starting to see this work payoff. As of now, of all the hours worked on the project, 35 percent have been worked by people of color and 10 percent by women. These numbers both exceed the project’s hiring goals of 32 percent people of color and 6 percent women.

We are definitely starting off on the right foot, but we also recognize that we have a long way to go before anyone can declare success. Construction will not be complete for another three years, so there is plenty of work yet to be done by all parties. For our part, in addition to monitoring the workforce, we know it’s important to ensure that people of color are being recruited and trained to build the stadium. One year ago we organized the Employment Assistance Firm, a coalition of organizations providing workforce training and placement assistance, to do just that. After months of advocacy and negotiations, these organizations are in full gear to recruit workers.

Last week our partners held a recruitment event at Sabathani Community Center. Over 600 people came to learn about job opportunities on the stadium and many signed up to receive training. This event showed how powerful our communities are and that there is no shortage of people of color who are ready to work. Through the strong work of HIRE Minnesota, our partners and those seeking employment, we’ll keep on the path to moving Minnesota from worst to first in employment equity.