Mar. 2, 2015

We are excited to announce the hiring of Nick Kor as our new HIRE Minnesota Campaign Organizer! Say hello and send Nick an email or click here to see his bio.

In addition, here is a brief recap of the 2014 MSFA Vikings Stadium Project:

320,697 hours obtained by people of color in 2014

  • 43 percent worked by African Americans
  • 28 percent worked by Latino/as
  • 19 percent worked by Native Americans
  • 9 percent worked by Asian Pacific Islanders

38 percent workforce of color reported by prime contractor Mortenson
An estimated $5.39 million to workers of color so far!

We knew when we started this project, that the goal of hiring a workforce of color at 32 percent was a daunting task. But thanks to the hard working collaboration of public agencies, unions, contractors, and advocates, we were able to surpass this goal. The results from 2014 are clear – when we dedicate and push ourselves to creating equity and prosperity for more people, we can do it!