Sep. 24, 2015

We haven’t forgotten about you! We’re still here and have been staying busy this summer. Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to:

The Vikings Stadium is over 50 percent complete and continues to surpass its hiring goals for people of color. The stadium is trending at 37 percent, exceeding its 32 percent hiring goal. So far, this equates to over $15 million in wages to people of color! HIRE MN is now preparing for and working with the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority Equity Director, Alex Tittle, on the design of an equity plan for the operations jobs of the stadium.

The Senate Office Building and Capitol Renovation projects continue to meet their hiring goal for people of color and are trending around 32 percent.

HIRE MN convinced MnDOT General Contractor, Kraemer North America, to use our Workforce Projection Tool on one of their main projects, the Franklin Ave Bridge. Because of this commitment, this project (while just beginning), is the only MnDOT project in the metro that is currently meeting its goals. HIRE will continue this approach with other general contractors. Additionally, we are working with Commissioner Zelle on other ways that MnDOT can work to improve workforce diversity on their projects.

Due to the successful advocacy of HIRE MN, the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights has now included pieces of our workforce projection tool into their pre-construction packets for contractors. This is significant because for the first time ever in Minneapolis, contractors will have to plan out ahead of time how they will meet their workforce goals.

Recently, HIRE MN spoke at the Metropolitan Airports Commission’s (MAC) Management and Operations Committee Meeting. We stressed the importance of hiring goals on their new hotel project and will be working closely with their leadership to ensure this  project reaches its state hiring goals for people of color and women.

Lastly, according to the state demographer, there will be over 600,000 job openings by 2035 due to the continued retirement of baby boomers. Through advocacy and organizing, HIRE MN is committed to intentionally preparing communities of color and immigrants to fill these jobs and lead our great state of Minnesota.

The work has been tough, but as we continue to see, change is possible. HIRE will continue to fight for these changes as we work towards a workforce that truly represents our diverse state.