Mar. 26, 2016

HIRE has always known that our Workforce Projection Tool is a key tool for success in meeting workforce goals. We’ve seen this success in its usage on the Central Corridor LRT Project, the Saint’s Ballpark, MnDOT’s Franklin Ave Bridge Project, and of course, the Vikings Stadium. Due to the usage of the tool, all of these projects have surpassed the status quo in their abilities to get close to, reach, or surpass the participation goals for people of color.

In the last two months, HIRE has continued to gain traction in the usage of the Workforce Projection Tool in the field. The City of Minneapolis has included pieces of the tool in its pre-construction booklet and in the bidding documents for the Nicollet Mall Project. The City of St. Paul has agreed to pilot the usage of the tool on its 2700 University Ave Project. MnDOT has agreed to include pieces of the tool in their Workforce Plans for contractors. And the Met Council has agreed to use the tool on both the Green and Blue Line LRT Extensions. These are all significant steps in ensuring a more diverse workforce on future projects in our state.

To learn more about this tool and how to access it, feel free to contact us!