Central Corridor LRT exceeds 18 percent hiring goal on major construction

Back in 2010, HIRE Minnesota set out to ensure that the Metropolitan Council achieved its goal for 18 percent of the hours on the Central Corridor LRT project to be completed by people of color.

Over the next several years, we went to meetings. We developed a workforce projection system that allowed contractors to predict workforce gaps so the community could help fill them. We helped the Met Council standardize the contractor’s reports so the community had access to uniform information. We went to more meetings. And more.

And now it’s time to celebrate. As construction winds down, we are thrilled to announce that the actual hiring on the Central Corridor LRT has exceeded goals. People of color worked more than 19 percent of the hours on the project.

The $1 billion Central Corridor LRT project is one of the largest projects in the state ever to achieve its hiring goals for women and people of color. Congratulations to the Met Council, the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, Walsh Construction and Ames-McCrossan for proving it can be done. Your example will lead the way as public infrastructure projects move to higher workforce goals for Twin Cities-area projects.

Together, we can move Minnesota from worst to first in hiring equity!