We Built It!

Four years after the creation of US Bank Stadium’s Equity Plan, the construction of the stadium is finally complete. Critics said that a workforce of 32 percent people of color could never be achieved. However, with the help of partners throughout the construction of the stadium, the percentage of hours worked by people of color at the completion of the stadium surpassed 36 percent, translating into an estimated $39 million in wages for people of color!

So, how did we do it?

  • Increased transparency and accountability through regular public meetings.
  • Provided uniform workforce reporting tools on workers by trade, race/ethnicity, gender, and zip code.
  • Created innovative, community-led, Employment Assistance Firm (EAF).
  • Worked with contractors to predict future employment needs.
  • Worked with nonprofit programs to train workers for predicted skill needs.
  • Advocated for strong workforce oversight of nearby subsidized construction projects.

Learn more from our info graphic below:

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